10 Year Anniversary Of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

The year 2008 marks a decade since the release of the music themed video game Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. It came with a custom intuitive guitar shaped controller which features the iconography of the band. The game had the band members play cartoon versions of themselves in it.

Players were given the opportunity to perform 31 of the band’s tracks. In career mode the objective is to attain a high level in each of these songs in order to complete the game fully. These songs are divided into different chapters of the band’s storied career.

It was first released in July of 2008. In the first week it sold over half a million copies in North America alone. Within two years the game had achieved 3.5 million copies sold. This has made it the most successful title in the Guitar Hero brand.

There were in game purchase options that allowed users to buy a number of bonus songs. These included tracks written by guitarist Joe Perry. There were also songs available to play that were not directly written by the band. These include All Day and All of the Night by the Kinks, All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople and Always on the Run by Lenny Kravitz.

The release of this game was a very good thing for the group. It meant that young people were able to hear more of Aerosmith’s music. The weeks following the initial release of it saw a rise in the number of album sales for the band. It also helped to rejuvenate the popularity of the guitar hero series.

In the years since then there have been numerous other band themed games. However none have reached the same heights as Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. It continues to be played today on outdated consoles by dedicated fans.