20 Year Anniversary Of Armageddon

During the 1990’s Aerosmith was already known to many rock fans. In fact, it could be argued that they had broken into the mainstream. By the end of the decade Steve Tyler and the other members were household names.

However, they finally achieved the level of super stardom in 1998. This was all thanks to the release of the action sci fi film Armageddon. It was directed by Michael Bay and had an all-star cast. The plot revolved around a meteorite which was set to hit the Earth and destroy it.

A crack team of drilling experts are trained as astronauts to plant a bomb in the flying rock, so they can save the planet. This team is made up of Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Michael Clark Duncan. Most significantly it starred Steven Tyler’s own daughter, Liv in one of the lead roles.

This shows the profound level of collaboration the band had with the film makers. This collaboration resulted in Aerosmith performing the theme song, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. The track soon became a smash hit and one of the band’s most popular songs. It remains a staple in the slow music genre and is often played at weddings, dances and other parties.

The track helped to catapult Aerosmith into worldwide super stars. It cemented them as masters of creating power ballads. To this day the band have not managed to reach the same emotional heights as they did with his track. In the United Kingdom alone the song managed to have 1 million copies sold.

The 20th anniversary of the film is likely to see a re-release of the film. The band may provide interviews as well as other exciting new extra features. There have been no official confirmations on the details yet however.