Steven Tyler is the lead singer for the band Aerosmith and one of the most recognised vocalists in all of rock. On occasion for the band he has also played on the piano, harmonica and numerous percussion instruments. Fans recognise him for his distinctive singing voice which features a high register and the use of extensive screaming.

He has also developed a much loved stage persona. When playing he can be seen wowing the crowds with his flamboyant performances. These include the use of energetic acrobatics. His costumes often contain bright colours and he tends to hang scarves on his microphone when he plays.

Tyler was born in the Bronx in 1948. During his childhood in New York he was exposed to numerous rock music influences. He has stated that the most important event at this time was when he saw the Rolling Stones play in concert.

Tyler eventually became a musician in his own right. He was one of the original members of Aerosmith and continues to play with them to this day. In the early years of the band, Tyler’s extensive drug addiction caused the popularity of Aerosmith to wane. After attending rehab he came back and the group received a renewed interest from listeners.

During the mid 80s he attained super stardom status. This was due to the release of the hit song Walk This Way. The track was a collaboration between hip hop duo Run-DMC. After this Tyler became a household name and global sex symbol.

In recent years he and his band have toured extensively to promote numerous album releases. He continues to be discovered by new generations of rock listeners. He shows no signs of slowing down. In 2006 Tyler had to have throat surgery to repair damage done from prolonged singing. He was soon back on the road.