Aerosmith Angry at Political Use of Songs

The band Aerosmith have been up in arms recently over the use of their songs at political rallies. In the past this has been done without the permission of the artists. Steven Tyler, the band’s front man, has already sent a cease and desist order to President Donald Trump.

This is due to the fact that the politician played Livin’ on the Edge at one of his West Virginia rallies. This song was first released in 1993 and has become a staple at their live shows. The band have shown their displeasure at the implication that they endorse this particular political campaign.

This is after a number of their listeners took to social media to voice their opinion on the band’s perceived political leanings. According to Aerosmith this has damaged their reputation amongst fans. The use of their songs at rallies has caused confusion in the rock community. A reporter for CNN was the first person to bring attention to the fact that Trump has been playing Aerosmith during his political campaign. This was at the Charleston Civic Center earlier in the year.

The cease and desist order states that the band’s work cannot be used in any way that is misleading or causes confusion. It is also prohibited to use the work to associate them with another person or entity.

This comes after another similar incident in 2015. This was when Trump was given two notices by Aerosmith after using their song Dream On without their permission. In this incident the politician agreed to stop playing it during his rallies.

It seems unlikely that Aerosmith would be able to win in court over this issue. The songs were paid for in each case. There is also a dispute over who has the right to sell the song for political purposes.