Aerosmith Vinyl Resurgance

There was a time that vinyl ruled when it came to musical formats, genres and types. For decades it was the dominant way for fans to listen to their favorite artists. This was no exception with Aerosmith,

The band first started out in the mid 70’s during the vinyl boom. Their early records were mostly bought on vinyl. However, in the 1980’s CD’s began to take the hot spot as the format for music playing. This continued for a couple of decades until the digital revolution hit.

However now there has been a recent resurgence in vinyl. Young people have begun to embrace this older format. Aerosmith have recognised this trend. Consequently they have re-released several their earlier albums on physical records.

There are several reasons for why people are listening to this seemingly outdated musical form. The issue with digital music is that it must compress the audio. This can decrease the overall quality. On the other hand, vinyl has a much clearer, crisper sound. The audio from a physical record is often referred to as warmer than MP3.

There is also the fact that the customer can physically hold a record. This is appealing to Aerosmith fans who want to collect all their albums. It means that they are getting more value for money. Not only do they get a better sounding product. They also get an album that has artwork and inventive visual elements.

Older listeners and generations are also embracing and appreciating the vinyl resurgence. These people may already have an extensive collection and may want to expand on this further. They would already be aware of the superiority of the format after spending years listening to vinyl. This combined listener base will mean that Aerosmith can expect a good amount of sales on their vinyl albums.