Concerns for Guitarist’s Health

There has been some recent concern raised by fans of Aerosmith due to the health problems faced by guitarist Joe Perry. The musician recently collapsed during an on-stage performance. He has since recovered and has gone on to continue playing at shows with no further issues raised.

However, those who follow the band on social media have posted comments stating their worry for the guitarist, and their support for his continued good health. Regardless of the collapse, Aerosmith have recently announced a large-scale tour. This will begin in the year 2019.

At the time of the collapse, Joe Perry was not playing alongside his regular bandmates. Instead, he was performing as part of the super group the Hollywood Vampires. This is made up of Perry, Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and numerous guest musicians.

Alice Cooper has spoken of his shock when he saw Perry have his health incident. It was during their opening song Raise the Dead. Before the show, the guitarist had confided in Cooper that he was not feeling his best. He went on to confess to him that it been two days since he had eaten.

This has led to speculation that the collapse may have been related to something as simple as low blood sugar. However, at the time it was widely reported that it was something more serious. This could have been a cardiac arrest. Despite the supposed seriousness of this incident, Joe Perry was soon fully recovered and back on the road.

He has had no similar health scares since this. He shares his time touring with Aerosmith and the Hollywood Vampires. 2019 is likely to be a busy year for the musician. He has many gigs lined up, which will delight fans worldwide. He appears to have the strength to carry this out.