Many fans of Aerosmith were first introduced to the band, thanks to their single Dude (Looks Like a Lady). It was first released in 1987, and decades later, it is still heavily played on rock radio stations, as well as music video channels. It got its title from a meeting between the band and Motley Crue.

During live shows the band continue to play Dude (Looks Like a Lady) to the delight of fans. It remains one of Aerosmith’s greatest hits. Despite this, Steven Tyler has stated that he does not enjoy performing it on stage.

The song is featured a fair amount in the Robin Williams comedy film Mrs Doubtfire. For thirty years it has become a part of popular culture, being played in an abundance of different media. Its most famous recent use was during a controversial Fox News segment in 2013.

Perhaps no other song is as crucial to the rise of Aerosmith as Walk This Way. It was initially released as a standard rock track in 1977. During this time it received a moderate amount of success.

However, in 1986 it was released as a collaboration between the band and Run-DMC. This version helped to bring the genre of hip-hop into mainstream consciousness. It was a revolutionary fusion of two distinct styles. One urban and modern, the other popular and guitar heavy.

Over the years Walk This Way has influenced a wide range of musical artists. Younger people were introduced to the song thanks to its inclusion in the video game Guitar Hero. Decades since the track first dropped, it has achieved a high number of sales.

The song will forever be an essential part of Aerosmith’s legacy. Without it, hip-hop would be less prevalent in the charts. Run-DMC would also have not gone on to achieve such widespread fame.