Despite being a hard rock band Aerosmith are also known for their popular power ballads. The most successful of these is I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing. The song reached number one in a number of countries. Even years after its initial release the track continues to have good and consistent sales.

This is helped by the fact that it is featured in the 1998 science fiction drama film Armageddon. The emotional song plays during the dramatic climax. It was also nominated for an Academy Award. This increased exposure has made the track one of the most success of all the band’s releases.

Cryin’ is another well known Aerosmith ballad. It came out in 1993 and quickly rose through the charts. It achieved gold status that same year. Like I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing this song was helped by being accompanied by a music video.

For some fans the song and video for Cryin’ have become synonymous with each other. The video features actress Alicia Silverstone who leaves her boyfriend and starts a lifestyle of individuality and rebellion. It famously ends with her jumping from an overpass with a rope attached to her. It won a number of prizes at the Video Music Awards and was one of the most requested that year for MTV.

Crazy was released the next year and features a similar composition. Once again the video played a big part in the promotion of the song. Alicia Silverstone stars alongside the lead vocalist’s own daughter Liv Tyler.

These songs were released at a time when young listeners relied on landmark music channels such as MTV to hear new rock songs. Crazy and Cryin’ were given heavy rotation. It is likely that without this format for exposure many of Aerosmith’s power ballads would not be as popular as they are today.