Flaming Moe’s Named One of Top Episodes

In 1991 the band Aerosmith appeared in an episode of the animated series the Simpsons. In recent online polls it has been named one of the best ones ever produced. Fans have cited the comical use of the band as one of the main reasons for this.

In the episode, the head of the Simpson family Homer invents a new drink which becomes popular with bar patrons. Moe’s the bar soon becomes a trendy establishment. This attracts the band who choose it as their new location to hang out.

Rather than record their lines in the studio Hank Azaria flew out to meet the band members instead. Azaria does the voice of Moe so it made sense that he would be the cast member to perform this task. He helped the band members each say their lines while in Boston.

This would mark the first instance of a musical group making a guest appearance on the Simpsons. The popularity of Aerosmith’s performance would lead to a trend of celebrities lending their voices to the show. This has continued for nearly thirty years since the release of this episode.

The band have even been made into action figures of their Simpson incarnations. These are considered a collector’s item by fans of the show. This merchandise is often a lauded commodity at themed conventions.

Aerosmith were characters in their own right in this episode. They had a number of shenanigans with the series regulars. This included Joey Kramer being seduced by Bart’s school teacher Mrs. Krabappel. In one scene they play Walk This Way with Moe on backing vocals.

This episode has stood the test of time thanks to the band’s charm. They went the extra mile to make their performances memorable. Thanks to this Flaming Moe’s remains a firm favourite amongst fans.