In 1991 Aerosmith were given a fantastic recording contract. They were paid $30 million by Columbia for the opportunity to make four new albums. However they were still in the middle of completing a six album contract for Geffen. It was a period of intense output from the group.

After 1996 they had finally completed their Geffen contract and would now embark on their deal for Columbia. After a short break for them to take time off, the band started on their next album. It would be titled Nine Lives and had a troubled production history. This culminated in Aerosmith terminating their manager Tim Collins. During the creation of Nine Lives, Collins is alleged to have driven the band to near breaking point.

Eventually the album was released in early 1997. It did not achieve as well as was expected both commercially and critically. However the singles on it did go on to do well. Falling In Love in particular had a positive reception. Another single, Pink, helped the band to win a Grammy.

To promote the album Aerosmith toured for two years. Like the creation of Nine Lives the tour was met with numerous technical issues. There were several incidents that stalled it. This included Steven Tyler having an on stage leg injury. At one point Joey Kramer was treated in hospital for second degree burns sustained while travelling.

The band were happy to get back into the recording studio after an arduous time performing live. They released A Little South of Sanity in 1998. This record soon went platinum. This short break did not last long however. They were soon back on the road to continue the Nine Lives Tour. At this point they were also performing I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. The track had achieved number 1 status worldwide.