How Viagogo Could Impact Aerosmith

The company Viagogo are often used by customers to access live performance tickets. This is because they buy these passes early and sell them on at inflated prices. This business model has recently been criticized by several politicians. It could mean that new legislation will come into place to limit the company’s activities.

If this happens that it will directly affect fans of Aerosmith. It will not affect gamblers on betting sites though. Every year the company buys and resells many tickets to this band’s concerts. There will be some positive and negative changes if Viagogo is restricted. First and foremost, Aerosmith shows will become cheaper. Customers can buy tickets either from the band site or venue directly. They will no longer have to pay the extra charges implemented by ticket touts.

However, if people have already bought tickets to see Aerosmith live through Viagogo then they would be in for an unpleasant surprise. Earlier in the year Ed Sheeran cancelled tickets sold through this company. This meant that those who purchased them could no longer get into the show and had to buy new tickets.

The same could happen for Aerosmith fans. The last thing people want is to be told that their tickets are now invalid. Often these people take the time out to quickly purchase them. This can be their only opportunity do so. They sometimes gift them to friends and family as presents during the holidays or on birthdays. These new developments could have a devastating impact.

In the United Kingdom the Competition and Markets Authority has already started legal proceedings against several ticket tout companies. Viagogo is the latest to be taken to court. This is since company did not make necessary changes to the way they conduct business. It remains to be seen how this will affect Aerosmith fans.