Guitarist Joe Perry is left handed. When he was given his first guitar at a young age he found that it was for right handed people. Because of this Perry learned how to play it backwards and continues to use this unique style to this day.

Lead singer Steven Tyler was a bit of a kleptomaniac during the early years with the band. He is known to have stolen a projector at one point during a tour. In a more serious incident he was held up at gun point after taking $2,000 from someone’s briefcase.

In their hit song Sweet Emotion, Tyler professes his disdain for the then-wife of Joe Perry. Tyler was under the impression that she was isolating Perry from the rest of the group. However Perry has a different opinion and believes that he was composing great work during this time.

Tyler has had a strained relationship with the partners of his band members. However the partners themselves have also caused drama with each other. In 1979 Perry’s wife threw milk onto the partner of their bass player, Tom Hamilton. In later years the band has gone on the record to say that the real problem was that the band never took the time discuss their various issues.

Steven Tyler was interested in being a part of Led Zeppelin. He even travelled to the UK to audition for the band. This was during 2009 when Aerosmith were supposed to be recording a new album. However he took a week off in order to meet with Led Zeppelin and discuss the possibility of joining them instead.

Perry has collaborated with Kiss a number of times. Not only was he able to perform with them during live performances. He also was allowed to see what they did backstage. This included watching the rock group put on their iconic costumes and face make up.