Most Aerosmith Songs Streamed

Digital downloads were once the favoured format when it came to purchasing modern music. iTunes was the service where most of these purchases were made. For several years, the corporation Apple had a monopoly on the music industry. For many Aerosmith fans this was where they had to buy both new and old albums.

However, this has now changed. Streaming services are taking over as the way to listen to rock bands like Aerosmith. This is because they are more cost effective. Unlike formats like radio the listener has complete control. Downloading music involves buying the track or album in question.

However streaming services work differently. The users pay a monthly fee to access a wide range of music. This works out cheaper than downloads. Due to its increased popularity streaming is also proving to be more lucrative for artists as well.

Aerosmith have their music available on the service known as Spotify. It is free to use if the listener hears advertisements at regular intervals. However, the band still gets paid every time someone listens to a track. The more popular the band is the more money they receive from the service.

Because of this, bands like Aerosmith have chosen streaming as the main way for fans to listen to their songs. This may change in the future however. Technology is constantly changing and there could well be a shift in the next few years when it comes to music formats.

The most limiting feature of streaming is the fact that it requires an internet connection. Some fans are choosing the older way of downloading for this reason. Downloads also guarantee that the listener can enjoy music while on the go. Portability is very important for modern customers. It remains to be seen how long streaming will continue to endure.