New CEO For Vevo

The company Vevo has been at the forefront of streaming popular bands on video sites such as YouTube. Millions of people use the service to access a variety of genres. Over the years they have gotten the rights to the music video for many different artists. This has included rock bands such as Aerosmith.

Recently the company was given a new CEO. Alan Price has been a part of the company for 8 years and has now replaced the former Chief Executive Officer, Erik Huggers who left in 2017. Some fans of Aerosmith may be understandably worried that this new development will change the way they listen to the band.

Luckily Vevo appears to be in safe hands now. Price has stated his intention to focus on growing the company and expanding rather than making any major changes to their format. In fact, this expansion may lead to even more Aerosmith tracks being released on YouTube.

Page has also talked about his intention to produce more original content. This could potentially mean that the band will create exclusive songs and videos for the company. This poses the question of whether Vevo will eventually become a pay to use service. If so then listeners may have to be charged to listen to this future Aerosmith music. Now the business is based mostly on YouTube which is a free service. However, this could change in the future.

The new CEO has also worked for Sony Music Entertainment where he had an impressive career. This has included holding senior positions for record labels. This makes him ideal for furthering the careers of Aerosmith. He could potentially broker a deal for the band to create new albums. Interestingly he worked for Columbia which gave the band an extensive record deal during the 1990’s.