Steven Tyler Accosted By Fan

It has become a trend for fans of celebrities to get up, close and personal to take selfies with them. Often musical artists are more than welcoming for this to occur. However there are some occasions when this is not appropriate.

This was the case during the filming of The Today Show with the rock band Aerosmith. The band were there to promote their 2019 gigs in the city of Las Vegas. These performances will take place at the Park Theater located within the famous MGM resort.

The band will be playing a total of 18 times during their latest Deuces Are Wild Tour. This news was met with cheers from a crowd of fans. However one member of the audience took the excitement too far. A video posted on Twitter shows the person accosting Steven Tyler and asking for a selfie.

Tyler can be heard to say “Are you kidding me right now?” The selfie attempt disrupted the band’s appearance and was met with condemnation online. The Aerosmith front man himself posted that it was not appropriate to do this during a live television event. He went on to say that if the fan wants to have an intimate experience with the band then he should see them perform live.

After the selfie attempt the band recovered and played their hit songs Love in an Elevator and Sweet Emotion. Their new residency in Las Vegas is set to be a highly anticipated event. It is likely to attract a large number of fans to the city.

This incident highlights the disruptive nature of modern culture. People have become focused on capturing the moment without considering the ramifications. There have been numerous similar events in recent years. One of the most publicised was when tourists took selfies with dolphins despite the fact it was causing them distress.