Joey Kramer who provides drums for the band was born in New York City and learned how to master percussion from a young age. He is the member that came up with the band’s name, Aerosmith. According to him, he coined it while he listened to the album Aerial Ballet by Harry Nilsson.

He has often repeated that he does not mind who takes credit for writing the songs, as long as the leading five members are the ones who are playing them. Despite his humble nature, he has penned numerous hits for the group. This includes Can’t Stop Lovin’ You, The Hand That Feeds and Pandora’s Box.

Kramer tends to use Zildjian cymbals when playing live. On studio albums, he usually plays on Ludwig and Remo drums. He often changes the exact models each year. Despite this, he has remained brand loyal for years.

No good rock or heavy metal band is complete without a competent bass player. Tom Hamilton provides this with enthusiasm for Aerosmith. He has also played for another well-known rock group, Thin Lizzy. He co-wrote the tracks Sweet Emotion, and Janie’s Got a Gun. He has also sung for the group on songs such as Love in an Elevator.

Like the other members of the band, his contributions to the genre have been celebrated the world over. Consequently, he has been the recipient of many awards and honours. In 2007, Tom Hamilton was given the Boston Music Award for Personal Achievement.

Hamilton is not tied down to one particular bass guitar when performing on studio albums or live shows. He has played with a wide variety throughout the history of the band. The instruments that he has played with have included Gibson Thunderbird, Music Man bass, Fender Jazz bass and a Fender Precision to name just a few.