Anthony Joseph (Joe) Perry was born in 1950 and serves as the lead guitarist for the band. He also has written a number of their most famous songs, along with providing vocals on some tracks. Perry is often cited as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time.

The songs written by Joe Perry are heavily influenced by the work of the band Fleetwood Mac. Their guitar player Peter Green gives Perry a particular inspiration. In fact, Perry has been known to play some of Fleetwood Mac’s songs when performing live with Aerosmith.

When listening to his songs, there are obvious influences from Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix. Perry has admitted in interviews that listening to these two artists at an early age helped him to develop his own particular style. He, along with the rest of Aerosmith, love the popular group Led Zeppelin. Therefore, their sound is somewhat similar to this band’s work.

Joe Perry is also well known for having a massive collection of guitars. He has at least 600 of them. He has stated that Gibson and Les Paul are his preferred models to play on. After a costly divorce, he had to sell one of his most valuable ones, a 1959 Gibson Les Paul. Eventually, he was reunited with it on his 50th birthday. The guitar was returned to him by its new owner, Slash who is the guitarist for Guns N’ Roses.

Brad Whitford accompanies Perry as a co-lead guitar player. Together they help to create Aerosmith’s much-lauded rock sound. Perhaps Whitford’s most well-known achievement is writing the hit song Last Child for the group. He tends to write the heavier sounding songs in their repertoire. According to Steven Tyler, he has a more “schooled” way of playing which gels well with Perry’s “raw” style.