Uncertainty Over Farewell Tour

All good things must end, and this is undoubtedly the case when it comes to rock bands and their musicians. Over the past decades, some of the greatest musical artists and groups have split up. It seems surprising then, that Aerosmith are still around, and entertaining large enthusiastic crowds.

This is even odder knowing that the group have already been on a massive farewell tour. This was first discussed by them during interviews in 2015. Two years later, they finally began to perform under the banner of a farewell tour. This has been ongoing ever since.

The lack of a final date for the tour means that fans will be left to speculate on when exactly the group will disband for good. Each member has given a different answer when asked about it by journalists. Joe Perry has gone on record to say it will be a two-year long leg of gigs. However, Steven Tyler has suggested it could go on indefinitely.

Other members, including Tyler and Whitford, have entertained the idea of creating one last studio album and promoting it on the farewell tour. If this is true, then they could add a large number of additional dates. These would likely be performed in many different countries. We have seen Aerosmith do this in the past to give added exposure to new records.

There has been a new development that has pushed the farewell tour even further back. The band have signed a deal with a Las Vegas casino where they will perform throughout 2019. This means that next year will be dominated by their new residency in this city. Their final tour will, therefore, wrap up in 2020 at the very earliest. Realistically it will carry on for many more years to come before it finally does end.