Wayne’s World 2 Turns 25

It has been 25 years since rock stars Aerosmith played themselves in the comedy film Wayne’s World 2. The movie stars Mike Myers as a lovable layabout who runs a TV show with his friend Garth. Together they embark on creating a rock music festival.

Aerosmith feature heavily in this sequel. They join the ranks of other rock alumni who have starred in the Wayne’s World series. Others have included Alice Cooper and Meatloaf. However Aerosmith are the artists that appear in the heaviest role.

In the film’s climax it appears that the festival will be a disaster. None of the booked bands have turned up and the crowds waiting for them are getting restless. Then just when there appears to be no hope left the band shows up and performs live. This ends up saving the festival and serves as the narrative conclusion to the story.

The band performs the tracks Dude (Looks Like a Lady) and Shut Up and Dance. The latter song serves as the closing credit theme. Rather than ending with a traditional cut to black the movie decides to linger on Steven Tyler as he sings.

Earlier in the movie the two main characters go to an Aerosmith concert. It is the setting for a number of comedic shenanigans. At one point Wayne and Garth crowd surf to the front of the stage as the band plays Dude (Looks Like a Lady). Much like Alice Cooper in the previous movie this sequel treats the group with reverence.

This movie helped to introduce young people to Aerosmith. At the time the band had already been going for nearly 20 years. They had a dedicated following amongst old listeners. Teenagers were the main demographic for Wayne’s World 2. Because of this a new generation were exposed to Aerosmith’s music.